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Confessions of a Pulpiteer
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Confessions of A Pulipiteer


Sacramento Theater Examiner

Rehearsal photos of
"Confessions of a Pulpiteer"
the first staged reading of the
2010 Playwright's Festival of New Works
by: Barry Wisdom



KCSB 91.9 Santa Barbara Interview

"The Culture of Protest"
host Dick Flack interviews
Lee Boek about
Confessions of a Pulpiteer.
Musicians Mitch Greenhill
& Roberta Levitow
sing with Lee,
songs from the performance

Confessions of a Pulpiteer
[partial] Soundtrack *

I'll Fly Away

Farther Along

* Songs performed by Mitch Greenhill & Roberta Levitow.

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RECENT UPDATE: Public Works Improvisational Theatre (PWIT) is currently working with Backstage Qumran and will present three Saturday afternoon Pre-Show Cabarets at The Studio Stage 520 N. Western.....July 9,  16 and 23rd at 4pm-5:30pm.....(chk our notices, join our mailing list)

These shows will preceed Qumran's show "Catch the Tiger. A New Play about Marcus Garvey".... 

Voice In The Well our literary salon with music story and great literature continues on the second Sunday of the month at 

681 Venice Blvd, Venice 90291.
Sunday, July 17, 2016 at 5:00pm (next show)




Public Works Improvisational Theatre (PWIT) specializes in cultural activism theatre that puts audiences in touch with contemporary events and their immediate personal, political and social relevance. In addition to performing around the nation, PWIT regularly dedicates a portion of its resources running theatre workshops for at-risk youth, the elderly. and community groups.

PWIT has been funded by California Arts Council, National/State/County Partnership, Cultural Affairs Dept. of L.A., Brody Arts Fund L.A., and the Puffin Foundation N.J.


Lee Boek: Artistic Director

An integral part of Public Works Improvisational Theater Company since the 1970s, Lee took over as Artistic Director of the company in 2001 after founding member Marlene Rasnick’s passing. The California native, born in 1941, has had successful careers as a Fundamentalist Evangelist preacher, radio host, actor, writer, producer, union organizer, husband, father, grandfather to many & champion for the under-served & wronged. A staple of the Silverlake arts community, Lee continues to be on the forefront of accessible, socially-relevant performing arts productions

Lee has been with the company since 1979. He has helped to create, direct and perform in virtually all the original plays and performance art pieces
produced by the company since then. He has also been seen on television on Mama’s Family, Webster, Home Improvement, and MADtv. Before moving to Los Angeles in the late seventies, Boek was a well-known performer and radio personality in northern California, where he was known as Brother Lee Love of the Survival Revival Hour on KZAP-FM radio in the late sixties.


Eric Vollmer: Director of Development

Writer / Producer Eric Vollmer is the Director of Development of Public Works Improv.  Mr Vollmer has written and produced more than 300 Reader Theater Cabaret programs, drawing upon the talents of hundreds of writers, musicians, comics and dramatists.  He completed his Master's Degree in Communications at UC San Diego, where he was also an Affiliate of the Institute for Global Conflict and Cooperation Studies.  He has also served as a Board Member of the United Nations Association, Los Angeles Chapter - and is currently serving on the Raoul Wallenberg Institute Of Ethics Board of Directors.  His interest in literary and cultural history is reflected in tributes he has created to honor the memory of Shakespeare, Emerson, Conrad, Orwell, Shaw and Steinbeck, among many others. For eighteen years, Eric Vollmer has led thousands of audience members on a guided tour through fabulous pages of literature, poetry, prose and has recreated classic scene readings drawn from the World Stage.


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Stewart Nelsen, film director & sound engineer, shot the "Confessions of a Pulpiteer" video promo 


Photographer Lucas Janin shot our "Confessions of a Pulpiteer" photos