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Confessions of a Pulpiteer
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Confessions of A Pulipiteer


Sacramento Theater Examiner

Rehearsal photos of
"Confessions of a Pulpiteer"
the first staged reading of the
2010 Playwright's Festival of New Works
by: Barry Wisdom



KCSB 91.9 Santa Barbara Interview

"The Culture of Protest"
host Dick Flack interviews
Lee Boek about
Confessions of a Pulpiteer.
Musicians Mitch Greenhill
& Roberta Levitow
sing with Lee,
songs from the performance

Confessions of a Pulpiteer
[partial] Soundtrack *

I'll Fly Away

Farther Along

* Songs performed by Mitch Greenhill & Roberta Levitow.

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"It's a poignant, thought-provoking account of a struggle that resonates with today's political and religious issues. It's also knee-slappin' funny."

- SF Chronicle, This Week Pick, Sunday, June 21, 2009

A One-Man Show About Life at the Crossroads of Politics, Religion & Liberation

Performed by Actor / Ex-Fundamentalist Preacher Lee Boek

Middle photo, left to right: Roberta Levitow, Lee Boek & Mitch Greenhill; photo by Lucas Janin

Public Works is open to acceptance of still more performance opportunities for Confessions of a Pulpiteer. To book the show, or to find out more, call (323) 661-0524.

Media Kit & Bios

You'll laugh, you'll cry, and maybe even leap up off your seat in song as Lee Boek takes you on a jubilant and heartfelt behind-the-scenes look at his life as a fundamentalist evangelist.

Boek's one-man show (with rotating musicians that include Mitch Greenhill and Roberta Levitow), takes us on a thought-provoking, musical, feet-stompin', up-off-your-seat hallelujahin' poignant journey through his life as a travelin' preacher. How does he get carried so deep into religion and why does he get out?

Situated in the '50s and at the emergence of the civil rights movement in the early '60s, Boek shows us a piece of Americana full of humanity and struggle that resonates with today's major political and religious issues.


Confessions of a Pulpiteer [partial] Soundtrack*

I'll Fly Away

Farther Along

Turn Me Around

Angel Band

* All songs performed by Mitch Greenhill & Roberta Levitow. "Angel Band" includes vocals by Lee Boek.