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Confessions of a Pulpiteer
Confessions of A Pulipiteer


Sacramento Theater Examiner

Rehearsal photos of
"Confessions of a Pulpiteer"
the first staged reading of the
2010 Playwright's Festival of New Works
by: Barry Wisdom



KCSB 91.9 Santa Barbara Interview

"The Culture of Protest"
host Dick Flack interviews
Lee Boek about
Confessions of a Pulpiteer.
Musicians Mitch Greenhill
& Roberta Levitow
sing with Lee,
songs from the performance

Confessions of a Pulpiteer
[partial] Soundtrack *

I'll Fly Away

Farther Along

* Songs performed by Mitch Greenhill & Roberta Levitow.

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It’s Gonna Take A Lotta Love

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Warszawa Restaurant [ATTIC]

1414 Lincoln Bl, Santa Monica, CA 90401 * (323) 330-5448


Producer ERIC VOLLMER hosts an Evening of Music & Spoken Word,

[Comedy provided by DANA SNOW and Drama by CARMEN VEGA]

In the spirit of a Euro-style Salon where everyone gets into the act!


KAITLIN FERRELL, DOUG SPIRIT, MORGAN WILDAY & LEE BOEK present scenes from the One-Act plays of John Patrick Shanley such as “Let Us Go Out Into The Starry Night” and FRANK STRASSER

MAGDALENA CIECIERSKA reprises her role as NINOTCHKA and sings


$7.00 Door Donation  – Desserts – Artists Reception



 “Novel Intentions”

Friday, February 5, 2010 * 7:30-9pm

Village Books

1049 Swarthmore * Pacific Palisades * (310) 454-4063

Eric Vollmer hosts an Evening of Poetry, Prose & Pop Culture

MORGAN WILDAY presents a scene from NELLIE BLY REACHES FOR THE SKY; Poets ANTONIETTA and MARK LIPMAN present their new Lyrical works Songwriter/Satirist GARY GORDON surveys the distance from Here To There in Los Angeles Noted Poet LAUREL ANN BOGEN unfolds her own Lyricism into Everyday Life        ERIC VOLLMER draws from local writers’ portraits in Lionel Rolfe’s LITERARY L.A.

Free – Donations Most Appreciated


Public Works Improvisational Theatre presents a dramatic reading of:


Saturday, January 30, 2010 – 3-5pm

Ruskin Art Club * 800 South Plymouth Bl, L.A., CA 90005 * (323) 936-4632

   For our Matinee, we recreate an Edward R Murrow Radio Show with a sly twist! Inspired by a true story, playwright Eric Vollmer recalls the spirits of Albert Einstein and his famous friends to relate the story of a rare League Of Minds who met in Geneva, Switzerland; and then  how the Irish Playwright George Bernard Shaw turned the table on the whole intellectual lot - and put the audience in the Catbird seat, instead!

Tania Getty - Begonia Brown

William H. Bassett - G.B.Shaw and Lord Midlander

DJ Carlile - Gilbert and The League Secretary

Dou Spitz-Eward R.- Murrow and American Jounalist

Heidi Swedberg - Henri Bergson & World Court Judge

Jeffrey VanDerByl- Sigmund Freud & German Exile

Christina Linhardt - Madame Curie & The Latin Widow

Hillel - Albert Einstein & The Russian Commissar

Rory Johnston - George E. Hale & British Bishop

  Seats are Limited, so plan to arrive early and then stay for our Artist's Reception

$10.00 - Door Donation  **********  No One Turned Away


Public Works Improvisational Theatre Presents:

 "We Belong Together" 

 Voice in the Well  

Eric Vollmer hosts a Euro-style Salon featuring Scene Readings, Music & Fun

 Thursday, January 21, 2010 * 7:30-9:30pm

 Warszawa Restaurant [ATTIC]

1414 Lincoln Boulevard * Santa Monica, CA 90401-2733

 Tania Getty, Jeffrey Van Der Byl & William H. Bassett in THE BEAR by Chekhov

Morgan Wilday & Tania Getty in NELLIE BLY REACHES FOR THE SKY scene

DJ Carlile, Christina Linhardt & Jeffrey in Durang’s IN THE RUSSIAN TEAROOM

Monika Kanios & her Accordion Accompanist summon up the proper mood in song

 Reception Follows * $7.00 Door Donation * All Welcome


By Special Invitation,

 Public Works Improvisational Theatre presents:

A Dramatic Reading of a Play by Eric Vollmer

 with Tania Getty, William H. Bassett, D.J. Carlisle

Doug Spitz, Christina Linhardt, Lee Boek and others  

  A Rare Meeting of Famous Minds

And A Comedy That Turns Them All Topsy Turvy:




Sunday, December 13, 2009 at 7pm


Pacific Resident Theatre

703 Venice Blvd {4 blks west of Lincoln Bl} 

Venice, CA 90291  (310) 822-8392


$12 Door Donation for play and pass to After Show Reception